As a Member of Parliament it is vital to have the ability to present ideas, arguments, and propositions with ease, clarity, expression and confidence.


Based on more than 30 years of working nationally and internationally with a wide range of professional clients in theatre, coaching and education, Dr Bert van Dijk has developed a unique program to develop and enhance your vocal and presentation skills in an effective and surprisingly short and enjoyable manner. The program not only covers basic strategies to achieve economy of breath, ease and clarity of delivery, connection with an audience and the ability to communicate ideas and content with truth, expression and passion – it offers personalised coaching to realise unique individual and professional goals and help you prepare for the effective presentation of questions, challenges and speeches - both planned and impromptu. 

In order to achieve significant and lasting results, it is essential that participants commit to a minimum of three 1-hour sessions.

Cost of the initial 3 sessions: $600.00

Subsequent coaching sessions available on request if and when the need arises

Voice & Presentation Skills MPs.pdf Voice & Presentation Skills MPs.pdf
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