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TOIORA Ltd combines art, education and planned change strategies to facilitate positive change in your work, business, organisation or community!

About Us

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced creative professionals, with a broad range of  expertise in project training and development.


By weaving together contemporary and innovative artistic, cultural & transformational strategies we are able to respond to a variety of requests for sustainable change based on the development of an enhanced  level and quality of communication, collaboration, leadership and team work. 

A particular area of expertise is our ability to create space in which culturally diversity is understood, valued and appreciated. 

Overall, the work of TOIORA not only delivers on the development of practical skills and strategies, it also promotes a deep sense of joy and well-being, leading to a healthier and more productive work or study environment.

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Our Commitment

We promise to help you realise your professional and personal goals with professionalism, integrity, compassion and a sense of fun and enjoyment. The end result will be accurate, on time, and with significant, unexpected, and lasting results.



I took part in Bert van Dijk’s Presence Training while he was visiting The Netherlands. It was a great and truly inspiring day. The added value - and I would even say the beauty - of really being “in the now” was so clear. Bert is in my opinion the living example of being present and he knows how to get you there with practical, energizing and fun exercises, both on individual and group level. The art of being present means being present with all your senses, not only to see and hear but also to smell, feel and ‘sense’. Experiencing all this in just one day made me - once again but more than ever - conscious of not only the choice we have to be (or not to be) in the present, but also of the added value when it comes to the quality and effectiveness of our daily life and work. I experienced my awareness and energy level going up strongly. Bert’s workshop really supported me to be in the now, to be in a pleasant state of full alertness. I truly believe Presence is a strong concept that can help people - and organizations as a whole - to maximize their capacities.

Alex Verheijden

Global Head Executive Reward

ING Insurance EurAsia

The Netherlands

Bert van Dijk is a passionate and inspirational trainer.

He employs creative and innovative strategies and methodologies. As a result of his Voice & Presence Training participants arrive in an energy current and experience new possibilities.

Bert works a lot with sensory perceptions, providing the participants the opportunity and experience of being in the 'here and now'.

I laughed a lot, had profound experiences and arrived at new perspectives.


Mildred Disslekoen

Coaching & Training

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In September 2011, I participated in a Presence workshop facilitated by Bert van Dijk in a picturesque and wonderful little village in the North of Groningen (Netherlands). It was my first, and a very pleasant, introduction to the concept of ‘ Presence’. Bert took the 6 pre European Maori values as leading principles for this workshop:  Kotahitanga – Whanaungatanga Rangatiratanga – Manaakitanga - Tohungatanga – Ūkaipō; Beautiful words connecting perfectly to the issues and possibilities of individual and collective leadership. During the workshop we did a lot of exercises; in silence, introspective and reflective  (awareness of the six senses), and also exuberant and connecting with each other. This same introspectiveness and exuberance was also expressed through Bert’s personal leadership style. I would have loved to continue another day participating in this workshop, as it made me curious for more, just as Bert arose my interest in New Zealand….

Brigitte van der Feen

Espacio Communicatie  & Coaching

As part of a research project to investigate culturally responsive pedagogies in the classroom, Bert van Dijk and Rawiri Hindle worked with the students and staff of St Theresa’s Catholic School to produce a whole school performance based on a local Maori myth, with the creative process as the underlying focus. The brief was that it had to include the children’s ideas and was to be performed by the children (all the children). With the guidance of Bert and Rawiri, the students and teachers were led on a journey of discovery about how to create music, develop dance sequences and act out a myth using their own ideas and their skills within a culturally responsive framework. This was an amazing process that saw both staff and students blossom and grow as they explored their own creativity.

The performance, which was the culmination of the process, was performed in the outdoors to a very enthusiastic and appreciative parent audience. Throughout the whole process, teachers found Bert to be very enthusiastic, passionate about his craft and full of creative ideas. He listened to the ideas of the children and incorporated them into the overall performance, which gave the children ownership of what they were doing.

Both Rawiri and Bert were extremely well organized, very disciplined in their approach, and inclusive of children’s ideas and found ways to accommodate the diverse talents of students. Bert was a perfectionist with high expectations to which students responded. At the end of the process the children had developed a very warm relationship with Rawiri and Bert and appreciated what they had taught them through the creative process.

I have no hesitation to recommend Bert and Rawiri to facilitate a creative process that is guaranteed to be stimulating and transformative for all participants!

Zita Smith


St Theresa’s Catholic School



I took part in the TOIORA Presence training by Bert van Dijk and Rawiri Hindle, which was a very fine experience. The exercises in presence were extraordinary and very beneficial. Getting information about the Māori ritual of the Powhiri filled me with respect and humility. Furthermore, I found it very pleasant to make a link between the ritual and the intake of a coach journey. All in all, it was a training I very much appreciated because of the great personalities and professionalism of both trainers, as well as the content. It inspired me to be more present in the here and now.


Ivete Fox


DWI Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands


I love being a part of the audience at Bert’s productions. From the outset I am involved and feel a part of all that is happening around me. I am constantly amazed at his ability to engage and engross his audiences.

Often I feel bewildered, amazed and experience strong feelings during his productions. There is no way of knowing what will happen next and how it will be portrayed.

Bert's productions are always thought provoking, intense, provocative, exciting, powerful, and moving all within a short time span.

These experiences end up being a part of you and remain totally memorable for a long, long time!

Ros Bartosh

Audience member


As a teacher and artist Bert van Dijk is a laughing, inspiring provocateur with an infectious intelligence, a brilliant sense of invention and a heroic passion for theatre and its impossible challenges.

Madeline McNamara

Actress, director, performer Ex_isle of Strangers


Bert van Dijk is a supremely gifted theatre creator. He possesses remarkable vision and a deft hand with the skills of the devisor.

Bert has long been an inspiration for me as a devisor of theatre.

Simon Ferry

Actor, director and theatre coach


Bert van Dijk is an inspiring teacher, director and pedagogue. He has a unique and extraordinary knowledge of the theatre and has worked with some of the great practitioners of our time.

Bert’is understanding of theatre is vast.

Anna Marbrook

Theatre director and film maker

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